XTrain Legs and Rear Delts

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2012)

XTrain Legs and Rear Delts

The leg exercises in this Xtrain workout (Legs and Rear Delts) include new and traditional exercises scrambled in ways that will surely leave your lower body worked. This program, has a great mix of Standing leg work, Stability Ball work, Barre and floorwork exercises effectively sequenced, to keep the fat burning and your muscles responding. Your glutes and thighs will definitely be feeling this today and probably still talking to you tomorrow!

I have also included an optional rear delt bonus workout with this routine so that you can work your rear delts additionally and with a few different exercises. I’ve included this option because studies have shown that your posterior delt is usually the weakest of your delt muscles and this causes shoulder imbalance problems as well joint and posture issues.

To get the job done this lower body routine requires a Chair, Stability Ball, Dumbbells, discs, a Firewalker loop and optional dixie cups.

A very special 100 Rep Challenge is included on this video featuring a glute exercises that research has shown to be the most effective glute exercises you can do, yet most people have never seen or done it. I’ll tell you more about this challenge after it has been filmed next week.


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