XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenges

XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenges

The XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenges are bonus footage that will be included in several of our premixes in the XTRAIN workout series.

Why We’re Including 100 Rep Challenges in XTRAIN

Getting stronger and getting toned muscles is not just about developing strong muscles by lifting heavier weights, but also increasing neural pathways from your brain to your muscles. In fact, until you thoroughly develop neural pathways to a muscle it is very difficult to increase the size of that muscle or to even get the maximum benefit of your training effort. You’re only as strong as your weakest link and most people focus on what they do best, not what they need to work the most. This is where XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenges can help and why we have included them in this series.

Some XTRAIN challenges will focus on muscles you don’t normally work and correcting muscle imbalances while other challenges will go for the extra burn on some very popular and common exercises. XTRAIN Challenges are also make excellent option when you’re short on time, but want to get a quick workout in.

What is an XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenge?

An XTRAIN 100 Rep Challenge is an exercise where you will use light weights ( 30 to 50% of your one rep max) and you will then do multiple sets going to failure on every set until your reach a total of 100 reps! By using light weights you can totally focus on your form making sure not to use other assisting muscles. This will let you target weak muscles that you need to work on by developing the necessary neural pathways to them.

How do you do a 100 Rep Challenge?

1. Select a weight that is 30 to 50% of your one max rep.

2. Select an exercise. Preferably an isolation exercise like “rear delts” ( you can also do 100 rep challenges for multiple joint exercises like “push ups” if you like)

3. Do as many reps as you can for your first set. If you have selected your weight correctly you should be able to do 25 to 35 reps on your first set. Mae sure to go to failure, but maintain strict form.

4. Rest 30 seconds.

5. Perform your 2nd set and go to failure again.

6. rest 30 seconds

7. Keep performing sets always going to failure and resting 30 seconds between sets until you reach 100 reps!


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