Workout Blender Update

workoutblenderlogoWe’ve spent the last several days testing our latest build of the Workout Blender and we now have solved most of the audio sync issues we recently discovered. Currently, the only problem we’re seeing is if you use your scrubber bar in some cases to advance the video. Using chapter points works fine for moving around in the video though. Since most people will not use their scrubber bar this is an issue we can live with on a beta 1 release and will work on a solution for our next release.

Our current plans are to release the Workout Blender this Wednesday, 10-27-2010. This is an early beta release and we’re sure as more people with different computer systems begin to use the WB many more bugs will be found. We have set up support forums and a bug tracking forum for you to report any problems you have and to get help if needed. Support for the WB is only offered through our forums, not by email or phone.

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