Why Using the Correct Weight in XTrain is Important

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2012)

Why Using the Correct Weight in XTrain is Important

This is a picture from XTrain Chest, Back and Shoulders showing Amanda and Marlo  recording their results between workout sets. In any strength conditioning workout it is important to use the correct weight if you want to maximize your results. Just as we did in STS we use One Rep Max testing in XTrain to help you find the correct weight for each exercise. But even if you don’t use our One Rep Max feature make sure to find a weight that challenges you. If you use a weight that doesn’t result in failure during at least  some sets and exercises  in XTrain  then your’e not going get the results that you could have.

It always important to remember that the last rep you do in any strength and conditioning program is always the most important rep in any set. In order to change the size and strength  of a muscle you need to cause enough trauma to the muscle to create small micro tears. The muscle then repairs making itself  just a little bit stronger. Overtime these small improvements really add up and you start to see dramatic changes in your muscles and body composition.  Going to failure helps to insure that you have caused enough trauma to your muscles to cause the micro tears that are so necessary in building stronger shapelier muscles. The last rep in each set when you go to failure is the most important rep as this when most of the  micro tears occur in your muscle.  This is why we encourage you to use a weight in XTrain that will result in failure in at least some exercises and sets.

Make sure to record your results during your XTRain workout and make adjustments if needed to your weights during the program and most importantly the next time you do the  same workout. Our Workout Manager  will help you to keep track of everything.


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