Which is Better – Downloads or DVD?

Tune in each week to watch one of twelve very funny commercials we recently filmed to help promote our new Workout Blender and to help you decide which is a better choice for you when preordering Cathe’s next workouts – DVD or Downloads or perhaps both? A different commercial will be featured every week, so make sure to check back often so you can follow the hilarious antics of “Download” and “DVD”.

This is our first commercial we’re showing and features DVD, Download and Cathe discussing the presale, advantages of DVD and Downloads and the Workout Blender. – Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Which is Better – Downloads or DVD?

  1. Anyone else predict an Oscar nod? Stellar performances from the entire cast, plus the inspiring soundtrack just carried me away 🙂 🙂 Too cute!! Thanks Cathe + team for ever striving to make everything simultaneously fun and informative. Enjoy, I sure did.

  2. Don’t know that this clearly met any goal and for me, the music track was too up front. As someone who has all DVDs and no downloads, this didn’t help me understand why I might prefer the downloads. That said, you look great, Cathe.

  3. Thanks Everyone! I had fun and I can’t wait for you to see the commercial where DVD’s face is full of band-aids…too funny!

    Michelle, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please let me know if I can explain anything better for you. I would be happy to.

  4. Love, Love this! How awesome…so creative and I’m totally onboard with both DVD & D/L. What a great combo & the Workout Blender woo-hoo!!! Thanks ♥

  5. Not sure how the downloads will work with what I own but I still LOVE the DVD’s. GREAT LITTLE AD CATHE! You rock!

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