We’re Finished!

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2009)

Great news everyone……we finished authoring, yippee! Now off to Sony they go. There is no way to know exactly how long the turnaround time will be but as we mentioned in an earlier update, we are hoping to have them back within a two to three week window of time.

Funny thing…as I finished going through all the discs for one final check I heard many in the surrounding edit offices whistling the catchy tunes. I have to admit the music really is a lot of fun, especially during the step workouts, where that push is needed the most. Even Drill Max, our only all-instrumental workout, has super energizing music with a driving beat that really makes you want to work for it.

I think I shared a lot of the songs with you already but let me just recap and add a few to the list:

We used Big Beat Music Productions and they did a fantastic job making these exclusive mixes for Cathe.com productions. Here are some of my favorites:

Everytime We Touch
Jesse’s Girl
Kids in America
I’m a Man
Don’t You Forget About Me
Let it Whip
Bust A Move
New Remix of Somebody’s Watching me
New Remix of Heaven is a Place on Earth
Ride Like The Wind
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Although I will miss our editing buddies here at Telenium, Monday we are back to our normal routine and I’m looking forward to it. I sure do miss being back at the office and chatting with all of you. Have a fantastic weekend!


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