Total Transformation by Terri Jennings


I was the opposite of most growing up. I was the skinny girl who never put on weight. I weighed 107 pounds when I graduated high school. I didn’t go straight to college, but worked full time at a fast food restaurant. When I was 19 I married my first husband and was probably around 130 pounds. July 12, 1993 I gave birth to my son, Drake, and weighed probably 170 pounds. On October 25, 1996 I gave birth to my daughter, Jessica, and weighed 208 pounds. I had a job interview not too long after I had Jessica and I went to the consignment shop to buy a skirt to wear. I bought a size 22! My weight fluctuated from 1996 to 2000. In 2000, after having gone through a
divorce, I wanted to get into better shape. I worked out and ate really well and got down to 130 pounds. I felt great! In 2001, I met and married my current husband, Russ. My weight didn’t start to get back up until after

Hurricane Katrina. I let myself go again and didn’t realize it too much until I stepped on the scale and it was 190 pounds. In October of 2008 I


had shoulder surgery and carpal tunnel surgery. I decided after the surgery that I needed to get back into shape since I weighed more than my husband. I started slowly lifting water bottles and worked my way up from there. I found Cathe Freidrich on FitTv and loved her enthusiasm and workouts. I began to slowly do them because they were hard for me to do. I eventually took the plunge and ordered STS (Shock Training System) from Cathe in November 2008.

After losing 30 pounds, I decided to hire a personal trainer in September 2010. I decided if I really wanted to make some changes and compete, I would have to get a trainer. I asked around and was referred to No Holds Barred in Hattiesburg, MS. I talked with Angela Rayburn and hired her as my trainer. Even though the gym was almost an hour from my house, I made the commitment to go there 2-3 times per week to train. When I started with Angela I was 148 pounds and 21% body fat. I decided to compete in May 2011 because it was our gyms first competition. I went on stage at 113 pounds and 12% body fat. What an awesome feeling to be able to walk on stage!!! I know I have some areas to improve if I want to place better in the competitions but I know that I can do it!!!!
My long term goal is to become a personal trainer so I can help people who want to loose weight!

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