To The Max and CrossFire DVD Shipping Alert!

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2012)

To The Max and CrossFire DVD Shipping Alert!
We just heard a few minutes ago from the replicator that they have now finished the production lines of both “To The Max” and “CrossFire”. The DVDs were replicated in Alabama this time and it will take a few days for them to arrive at our facility here in New Jersey. As long as our quality test are positive once we receive the new DVDs we should begin shipping Pre-Sale orders hopefully either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

We have an army of employees on standby to help us ship all of the pre-sale orders. And since we only have two DVDs to ship this time, processing all of the pre-sale orders will move very quickly and we should finish shipping all pre-orders by Friday of this week.

As a friendly reminder we ask that you not contact customer service to see if your order has shipped this week as our entire staff will be focusing on getting all of the pre-orders shipped. Once all orders have shipped our staff will then gladly focus on helping customers with any problems. Downloads should be available on either the first or second day DVDs begin to ship. If you haven’t already done so you may order at: | Purchase |

3 thoughts on “To The Max and CrossFire DVD Shipping Alert!

  1. C!an someone forward the customer service phone #- – desperately trying to find out when my recent DVD purchase of Athletic Training will be shipped- – it’s been a week and no word and no response on Tracking site

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