Time Breakdown for Cardio Supersets

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2011)

cardiosupersets600px-5687The time breakdown for Cardio Supersets is as follows:

Total Workout time of main program: 41 min 30 sec (Warm-up 5:30, Cardio- 30:59, Stretch 5:01)

In addition to the main program a (21 min 17 sec) step routine is included in the Premix section of the DVD. This can be done as a standalone step aerobic workout for when your short on time or you can do the Premix which includes the main workout program and the step aerobic workout combined for a longer and more intense workout.

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12 thoughts on “Time Breakdown for Cardio Supersets

  1. I love the intensity in her face!!! I’ll bet this is a killer routine, and knowing what a warrior Jai is, I’m a little scared…

  2. What a great photo to demonstrate this workout’s difficulty! We all know how tough Jai is! Wow!

  3. LOL! Like the others, I love this pic. Go Jai! I’m sure I look like this during many of Cathe’s workouts. hahaha!

    And… I have to say… I LOVE the time breakdown here! That’s just one of the things that I love about Cathe’s videos. They are so versatile! The chaptering, menu structure, and premixes make it possible to do whatever you are craving/needing on a given day… long, short, intense, or moderate. Perfect for busy women like myself. Nice!!!

    I love you Cathe!

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