The Workout Manager Now has Stats!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2011)

statsWe’ve just released Workout Manager beta 3.1. In this new release we have added an icon that you will see in the upper right hand corner called “Stats”.  Totals are updated after midnight each day. This new section servers three purposes:

1. Stats will let you quickly see your workout stats for the current month and current year for things like: workouts completed , how far you have run , How many hours you have worked out, How many DVDs you have done, how many STS DVDs you have completed and how many exercise calories you have burned. Just click on the month or year tab to see your monthly or yearly results. You can also still click the tabs that show your graphs and by using “custom dates” get reports for any date range you like.

2. Ranking – Now you can see where you rank among your fellow Cathletes for any of the values listed above. This can help you find friends and workout buddies that have similar workout interest as yours.

3. Motivation and Accountability –  As we have mentioned before, studies show that people who record their results in an online fitness journal like the Workout Manager  often double their chances of success in reaching their fitness goals. We hope this new Stats section helps to motivate you to keep recording your fitness progress.

Let us know if you see any problems or errors with our new Stats feature so our developers can correct them. We’re now going to move on to our next upgrade to the Workout Manager  called “Challenges”.  This is the section we’re most looking forward to developing and we’re excited to bring it to you.

4 thoughts on “The Workout Manager Now has Stats!

  1. Can you have on the ranking where it wold rank you by how much you weight and how much weight you have lost.

  2. Except…. I cannot log in. I’ve been trying for months. There is no way to reset a password. Clicking on settings doesn’t work. There’s no way to get in???

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