The importance of workout clothing

The importance of workout clothing


Nowadays we hear a lot about high-performance clothing and the impact it can make on our workouts. We see professional athletes wearing specific types of shirts or bottoms for training and competition depending on the sport, but does it really matter the clothing you are wearing when you exercise?

Like any other equipment for the practice of sport, clothing is considered an integral part of an athlete’s performance. When wearing proper clothing your performance can become enhanced, increasing workout intensity with improved timing.

Lately, workout clothing provides benefits that most people aren’t aware of. Many of us make sure our exercise clothing is breathable and comfortable but one of the most important attributes for high-performance clothing is the compression it provides.

Compression Garments

Compression garments have been around for decades, often used for medical purposes. How many of us have heard about the benefit of wearing compression stockings during a flight to help with blood flow or stockings for vein disorders? That same concept goes for the practice of sports.

Compression supports the muscle, keeping it lined and voiding muscle oscillation. With the muscle proper aligned and secure, it makes it possible to focus your energy on the exercise you are executing; without wasted energy, you can expect a more efficient performance, with less chance of getting injured, and also helping with blood circulation. Many studies suggest wearing compression garment even after the exercise to help with post-exercise soreness and muscle fatigue.

FeelFitWear, who specializes in women’s activewear, believes that compression clothing is a must for athletes of all levels to help them reach their goals or personal best. FeelFitWear also realizes that compression clothing for women has been a hit with their customers. “I receive emails every day about how amazed our first-time customers are by our fitness clothing. Our fabric is not only super comfortable and extremely breathable, but they are also strong enough to slim-up the body silhouette and hide cellulite due to our compression fabric. As a woman, I want to look my best, even when I’m at the gym. Ultimately, that’s what brings us joy, knowing the women that try our products won’t have to trade style or quality for comfort.”

All the new fitness clothing styles featured on the XTrain workout DVD offers compression-fit, breathability, elasticity and super comfort. All FeelFitWear fitness clothing is easy to care for and will last even through the hardest workout. XTrain fitness clothing is designed for all levels of workout performance.

Feel even more connected with Cathe and crew by ordering now XTrain workout clothing. Due to the high request of these styles, FeelFitWear is now accepting pre-orders. Get more information about XTrain fitness apparel at FeelFitWear.com


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