The First Video Clips are Now Up!

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

If you go to our home page ( and hit refresh you will see the player that we were trying to make work last night. This oval player offers a much bigger screen than the one we’ve been playing this morning. This player also uses “progressive download”instead of streaming. This means the file will be downloaded to your computer. You will still be able to watch the clip while it downloads (dial ups will have problems viewing the first time, but should be fine after the file has downloaded), but the second time you watch the picture will be much better since the file will be playing from your computer, not streaming over the internet. The video clip is currently only encoded at 400k and is about 80 seconds in length. Just click on the “Play” arrow at the bottom of the player and the file will start to download. Please be patient as it may not be obvious that the file is downloading. We still have to include what is known as a preloader which will tell you how much of the file has downloaded on the oval player. Currently, in the beginning after you press play you will only see a black screen. DSL and cable should see a the video clip start to play in about 10 seconds after clicking the play button, dial ups will take a lot longer….but since the player uses progressive download once the file has downloaded to your computer it will play instantly and without any hiccups the second time. We’re still going to leave up the streaming clips so if your dial up has problems with the new player, you can still access them. If you have problems with either player please let us know on our forums and please tell us if you are using cable/DSL or a dial up modem and your browser type if you know it. Also, though this is ane player, it is not the new Cathe Player that will have the extra long clips. The new Cathe player will be launched in a few more days with the extra long vid clips.

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