The Cathletes in San Diego

EB Tour - San Diego
EB Tour - San Diego

The picture you see above with the Cathletes on the Loews Coronado  Grand Staircase in San Diego was one of several group shots taken during the EB San Diego road trip. We’re continuing to post hundreds of pictures on our  Flickr account at full resolution today.  It will take us several more days to post all of the pictures, but we hope to get most of Saturday’s pictures color corrected and uploaded today. All of the pictures can be downloaded free of charge to your computer and then printed or saved for digital viewing.  You can also click on the “All Sizes” link you will see above each picture which will allow you to download each picture in a variety of sizes. …View Flickr Photos

3 thoughts on “The Cathletes in San Diego

  1. Great event. What high energy. The kickbutt workouts left me sore and wanting more. Cathe is one tremendous lady, what an inspiration to be around.

  2. Thank you so much for all the picture taking and making the photos available for us to download and print for ourselves. I got so “absorbed” in all that was going on that I definitely didn’t take as many pictures as I had planned.

    Once again, you are going above and beyond !

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