The Cathe Road Trip Begins – Aug 10th, 2007

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2009)

Today was the first official start of the Cathe Road trip 2007. Around 105 Catheites are attending this years Road trip. Today was only a partial day for road trip attendees with most of time spent reregistering and getting to meet each other, Cathe, Jai, Cedie, Loraine, Brenda, our staff. The only physical activity tonight was the annual road trip relay race. The winning team received workout tapes as their prize. Numerous other individual prizes were also awarded. Everyone also enjoyed a nice sit down dinner in our filming studio and listened to Chris give a presentation about the new Ipod workouts and Workout Blender software. We will have more pictures about the 2007 Road Trip as time permits. So keep checking back!

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