Test Cathe Live and Our OnDemand Videos

Cathe Live Boot Camp Workout  ClassWe know some people are reluctant to switch to streaming because they prefer DVDs while others are not sure if their system can handle streaming videos. We heard similar arguments and complaints back when we started switching from VHS to DVDs many years ago. For years after we first started making DVDs a lot of consumers purchased both our VHS and our DVDs because many preferred VHS over DVDs.  Over time the problems with DVD became less and consumers started to enjoy the advantages of their DVDs like “Premixes” and the ability to instantly go to a chapter point. VHS then slowly faded away and DVDs became the new standard. We expect this will now happen with switching to streaming too. We’re not trying to make people jump to streaming from DVDs yet, but you should at least start thinking about switching and start making plans as DVD’s probably only have a few years left before they are no longer viable to produce and sell.

Your success with streaming is really dependent on two main things:

  1. Your DSL or cable modem download speed
  2. Your computer.

If either of these two things are lacking streaming can be frustrating at times. We certainly understand and get this and developed this test page to help you find out if your system can handle our Cathe Live and OnDemand videos. It really doesn’t take a state of the art computer or the worlds fastest modem to enjoy watching our OnDemand or Cathe Live videos, but  there are minimum requirements. If you don’t know the download speed of your internet modem just go to speedtest.net and click on the “Begin Test” button to see what your download speed is. This will only take a few seconds to do. It’s hard to say exactly what  minimum download speed you need to be able to watch our videos, but the number is somewhere between 4 mbps and 10 mbps. But the only way to know for sure that you can play our videos is to click on the video samples below.

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 Test Cathe Live

After we stream a Cathe Live class we record two video files. The highest quality Cathe Video file is recorded at 720p HD. If you can  play the Cathe Live 720p video then you don’t need to test the 640 video below. If you can’t play the 720p Cathe Live video glitch free then try the 640 video. If you can play either the 720p or the 640 Cathe Live video without any glitches then you know your system can handle Cathe Live and you can safely subscribe as we always record both the 720p and the 640 Cathe Live files with every workout video.

Cathe Live 720 p

Cathe Live (720p) –  Click to Test


Cathe Live 640p

Cathe Live (lower quality 640 x 320) –  Click to Test


Cathe OnDemand


Test Cathe OnDemand

Our newest videos (everything since and including the Low Impact series) are encoded at 720p HD. Our older videos ( everything before the low impact series) are recorded at the same quality as our DVDs   If you can play the 720p  video without any glitches then you know your system can handle all of our OnDemand videos. If you can not play our 720p OnDemand videos then you may want to try our lower DVD quality videos, but be aware that you will only be able to safely view our older videos, not our newer videos.

Cathe OnDemand 720p workouts

Cathe OnDemand (720p) –  Click to Test


Cathe OnDemand DVD Quality workouts

Cathe OnDemand (lower quality) –  Click to Test

You can subscribe to Cathe Live  or our OnDemand Videos that also include Cathe Live for Free at:  | Subscribe |

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