STS – Week 11

Cathe on a Nautilus Gravitron (assisted pull up machine)
Cathe on a Nautilus assisted pull up machine

Our newest Cathe TV show is now up and is divided into two segments because of YouTube time restrictions. You may view Cathe’s newest show now by going to the following url:

Highlights of Show #11 Part A

In this week’s show Cathe briefly recaps the 2nd week of STS mesocycle #3, discs 28,29 and 30. Cathe then talks about your options after you have completed the STS program. She then finishes the segment by answering the following question from our Cathe TV forum about an assisted pull up:

“I have an assisted pull up machine, when I do a pull up or chin up I don’t feel the move in my back at all. I try to focus on my back but feel it mostly in my arms. Would you demonstrate the correct movement for this type of a machine”? Thank you, KAtie

Highlights of Show #11 Part B

In this segment Cathe demonstrates a “Quick Energy Fix” workout that you can do almost anywhere and anytime.

Shows can alwyas be viewed on our iTunes Podcast Channel at:

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