STS Tower Update


The STS Tower has now made it to the USA mainland on the west coast and soon will be loaded on a truck headed to our facility in Glassboro, NJ. The trucking company has not given us a delivery date yet, but we don’t expect delivery until sometime after Labor Day. Once we have a confirmed delivery date we will let everyone know with another update.
Altus has also informed us that they are sending us an extra 100 Towers, so if you haven’t ordered your STS Tower make sure to do it now. We don’t expect our next shipment until November.  To Order Your STS Tower – Click Here

2 thoughts on “STS Tower Update

  1. Will the towers be shipped 2nd day air? I paid for mine on 4/20/09. I’m already in my 2nd round of the entire STS program & that tower will help immensely. Please let me know

  2. I’d love to order the Tower, but current shipping to Canada is a bit prohibitive ($89!). Are there plans to have vendors in Canada selling the Tower?

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