Spotlight on High Reps


High Reps is an intense, total body, muscular endurance workout loaded with energy, variety and of course, high reps. We’ve also created a customized rockin’ soundtrack that’ll make your muscles lift, pull and stretch while they reach for that last rep. Do this workout one or two times per week and enjoy the benefits of improved muscular endurance, a revved up metabolism, increased bone density, better muscle tone and feel energized all day long.

The format of this workout is simple: We’ll be doing ten songs and each song is choreographed specifically to the music. We’ll use light -to-moderate weighted dumbbells and a medium tension stretch band to get the job done. All you have to do is focus and concentrate on each rep to bring your muscles to complete exhaustion.

It will take a few attempts to find that perfectly challenging weight for each body part…but remember…when that “perfect” weight no longer pushes you like it once did, it’s time to increase your weight load. And finally, if you’re new to this style of weight training we suggest modifying with lighter weights until you feel ready to increase.

The only equipment you need for this workout is a barbell, dumbbells, medium tension stretch band and a paper plate (or sliding discs).

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