Special Savings on Older DVDs and Discount Bundles

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2010)

Save Money - Green ButtonWe’ve  just finished revamping our ShopCathe  site and we hope you will find it easier to navigate and much faster. To celebrate we’re offering special savings for a limited time only on several of our discount bundles and many of our older and classic DVDs like, Cross Train Xpress, Circuit Max and Cardio Kicks, The Classics Volume 1, Pure Strength series, Cardio Hits, Rhythmic Step + Interval Max + Maximum Intensity Cardio, Slow and Heavy series, The Terminator and many more. Look for additional savings in our weekly newsletter and Facebook Fan page. Make sure to check out the savings and our new ShopCathe  site.

4 thoughts on “Special Savings on Older DVDs and Discount Bundles

  1. I just bought CrossTrain Xpress last week at the OLD price…that sucks that is now goes on sale!!! Boo-hoo for me.

  2. Cardio Hits is absolutely FABULOUS! It has become one of my absolute favorite cardios. Three really fun classic Cathe step routines. Power Max especially has some great music from the 90’s. I wish I would have bought this one a long time ago!!!

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