So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain?

So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain?

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2019)

So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain?So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain? Since XTrain is an undulating workout and is all about giving you more options it has been designed so that you can easily switch or mix the various Xtrain upper body strength workouts each week. This is why both 10 rep and 16 rep XTrain upper body videos work the exact same muscle groups.

By giving you a choice each week of a 10 or 16 rep video, XTrain helps prevent mental fatigue and plateaus caused by always doing the same type of workout. Also, by mixing things up your body is constantly challenged every week with something different and this helps you to maximize your results.

In XTrain we focus on endurance and hypertrophy in our upper body strength workouts by keeping our rep range between 10 and 16 reps as we find this is the rep range that works best for building lean muscles and body sculpting.

XTrain Chest/Back/Shoulders and Bi’s & Tri’s

In our XTrain Chest/Back/Shoulders and BI’s and Tri’s workouts we use a rep range of around 16 reps for each exercise which means these workouts focus more on muscle endurance. To maximize muscle confusion and to help prevent boredom we don’t repeat any exercise in these workouts. We also keep the rest breaks to a minimum and this makes the workout seem to fly by and reduces the overall total time of the workout.

Xtrain Burn Sets

In Burn Sets your focus is more towards hypertrophy and you will increase your weights and lower your reps for three sets of 10 reps. On the third set, you will always lift to failure making sure you have lifted hard enough to cause enough trauma to build strong lean muscles.

Always remember that your last rep is always the most important rep. This is the rep that will cause enough trauma to your muscle so that it finally wakes up and begins to grow stronger and firm up! All the other reps are just getting you to this point, but your last reps are where nearly all your benefits come from.

We use classic tried and true techniques and exercises in Burn Sets because this is what works best and has stood the test of time for decades. When mixed with more modern high-intensity cardio, metabolic conditioning and functional training you not only have all the tools you need to reach your goals you also have the best workout program available today on video – XTrain!


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3 thoughts on “So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain?

  1. Great workouts. You did an awesome job putting these two workouts together. The variety and intensity in each one is off the chain and I enjoyed both of them having done burn sets and the other. I especially love the use of the stability ball in these workouts which works the core and lower body as well in the different positions used.

  2. Great article. I just love the Xtrain program. Everyday is like a new adventure. I cannot wait to do the next workout!

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