Slanted Risers Are Now In Stock

SPRI’s new Slanted Riser is an angled step riser designed specifically for use with the Original Step™ and is now available for purchase from us. From aerobic training to strength conditioning, SPRI’s patented Slanted Riser will bring unlimited versatility to your workout.Not only will the Slanted Riser add new a dimension to your cardio workout by transforming your flat Step™ into an angled platform, but paired with standard risers, the Slanted Riser™ will also turn your Step™ into an incline/decline bench.A 90 minute DVD is included with three 30 minute exercise programs (Strength, Cardio & Interval). Each program HAS warm-up and cool-down & modifications to accommodate varying degrees of ability and experience making them suitable for beginners and advanced alike. AVAILABLE ONLY IN BLACK AND SOLD ONLY IN PAIRS.

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