Shock Cardio Update – Shipping Alert!

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2009)

shipJust want give everyone an update on the shipping of Shock Cardio. As it stands now we expect to begin shipping presale orders this Friday. SONY has now started the production run and the first DVDs are starting to come off the assembly line. SONY expects to finish the duplication of all of the Shock Cardio DVDs either late Thursday or sometime on Friday. We have our own trucks on standby and will pick up our DVDs from SONY, which is just one mile from us, just as soon as they say they’re available. Depending on what time on Friday the DVDs are ready will determine how many DVDs we can get out on Friday. We will work through the weekend to get out as many DVDs as is possible.

To help us get you your DVDs more quickly please don’t contact us asking if your DVDs have shipped. This is because your tracking information is contained in the same and only computer that prints your UPS shipping label. This computer will be working non-stop during the shipping process and stopping it to look up tracking information would create a huge bottleneck and greatly slow down the shipping process.

You will receive an email from us with tracking information only if you chose UPS as your shipping method. Your tracking information will not be available until several hours after your order has shipped. Postal service orders can not be tracked. UPS shipments may also be tracked with the phone number you listed with your presale order by using our Cathe Easy Track.

If SONY has any delays or problems will will let you know in this forum.

8 thoughts on “Shock Cardio Update – Shipping Alert!

  1. Yahoo!!! You have made my day! Thank you for all of your hard work and your time! What a massive undertaking!

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