Shock Cardio Rehearsals Have Begun!

Hi Everyone!

Lorraine doing box jumps in HiiT
Lorraine doing box jumps in HiiT

I’m excited to announce that today was our first official Shock Cardio rehearsal as a group (I have been designing, choreographing and practicing the workouts alone prior to this so that the group rehearsals would be more productive) . We are excited to start sharing more Shock Cardio details with you as we move along into the various phases of the process: rehearsals, pre-film week, film week(s), editing and replication. I will share with you some details of each workout as we rehearsed it but I obviously won’t get too elaborate or specific as even during group rehearsals, more tweaking and refining occurs.

STS Shock Cardio is the perfect complement to our weight-based STS Shock Training System. Not only does it provide a wonderful variety of fitness modalities (Martial Arts, Stepping, HiiT, Circuit), to keep your metabolism rev’d but it also provides shocking changes within each workout. Just as we did in STS strength we will vary the intensity and style of each workout so that your body never adapts helping you to prevent plateaus, mental fatigue and overuse injuries. You’ll alter time ratio’s, intensity, and duration to maximize your results and time spent working out. This is a sure way to provoke progress, bust through fitness plateaus, and ensure SHOCKING results!

Shock Cardio rehearsal
Shock Cardio rehearsal

Today’s rehearsal focused on the HIIT workouts (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training). We will have three time based HiiT workouts that will surely kick your butt. That is a PROMISE! They are designed to be shorter workouts (30 minutes or less) and you will thank me when the day comes that you are doing them, lol, that’s another PROMISE!!! Today I had the easy job of timing and demonstrating the set ups while Cedie and Lorraine got the whip cracking (btw, Brenda and Jai couldn’t make today’s rehearsal, but will surely “have their day” another time, lol) .

The moves are anywhere from explosive, to fast, to deep and low, to high and dry (well not really dry, you will be soaked!). You will do a pre-determined time ratio (in this one particular pictured workout, 30 seconds work to 30 seconds recovery) and do about 8 intervals ALL OUT! You will have a thorough warm up prior to doing these because once the intervals start there is no looking back (unless you are jumping to face that direction, ha). After completing the high intensity reps and intervals you will have a recovery period followed by a stretch. Cedie and Lorraine actually left rehearsals super charged, saying that they can’t wait to do more HiiT rehearsals. They loved the extreme challenge, the endorphin rush, and the feeling of accomplishment….soon you will be the judge!

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