Shock Cardio – Intensity and Variety

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2009)
Lorraine and Jai
Lorraine and Jai

Calling all Intense Cardio Lovers!!!!!! If you are just busting at the seams in anticipation of Shock Cardio, you will not be disappointed. Pictured here are some photos from another unbelievably tough Hiit training rehearsal. Make no mistake, these workouts are TOUGH TIMES TEN. You get in, push to the highest output you can physically handle, recovery and do it again…and again….and AGAIN! We have three 25 to 30 minute workouts lined up for you like this (let’s see how you do with just even one!!!). I know Cedie, Brenda, Jai, and Lorraine are incredibly strong ladies and they crawl out of rehearsals….but no worries, I’m not that mean…I hold the door open for them when we’re done…tee hee!

As for an update on our other workouts:

Combined, all 11 (12 if you include Travel Fit) are a perfect complement to our STS strength workouts. The variety, intensity, and cross training benefits are simply untouchable. I’ve structured STS Shock Cardio along the same lines as STS Strength offering different impact levels, intensity and styles of cardio. This will help to always keep your body challenged, prevent boredom and lessen the chance of an overuse injury from always doing the same type of high intensity cardio. Shock Cardio may also be purchased as separate DVDs as I realize that some cardio styles and intensities are not appropriate for many people. This way you can purchase only what works for you. For Example:

Brenda, Lorraine and Jai
Brenda, Lorraine and Jai

Step Moves has some really exciting choreography that mixes fun footwork, dancier moves, and intensity all packed into one. I know that Rhythmic Step was a favorite for most of you so I designed this workout keeping with this spirit. Me thinks you will likey!!!

Athletic Step brings your inner athlete to the surface. I will push you as I typically do and make sure you are giving me everything. There is nothing fancy here, thankfully, as you will need all your focus to be on your hard working muscles.

Our MMA workouts are rockin’ with various punches, kicks, and modified tactical moves to get you in “fighting” shape…yes, that’s right fighting, as in fighting to keep up with us, LOL!

Our circuit workouts will test your muscle endurance, strength, and cardio output all in one. If a weight is used, it is to assist in intensity to support your cardio output….you will be both aerobic and anaerobic at different points in this workout. Trust me, your muscles have never been shocked like this before.

As rehearsals continue, we will excitedly be sharing pictures and fun details of the featured rehearsal workouts, so stay tuned everyone!

16 thoughts on “Shock Cardio – Intensity and Variety

  1. BRING IT ON, Cathe! πŸ™‚

    Brenda, Lorraine, Cedie and Jai my hat is off to each of you!!

    (lol did you hear that squeak and tremor in my voice??)

  2. Oh my gosh is all I can say even the pictures make me sweat. I pre ordered the MMA set but I think i may have to also get the HIIT set to keep a bit a variety. It’s just that I’m so scared (Pep talk please anyone). I barely keep up with your non HIIT workouts so how in the world can I keep up with your actual HIIT workout with out booking a space at the local emergency room. Oh well gonna give it a try anyways. Thanks Cathe for keeping us updated!!

  3. I missed the dead line but I’m sure I will have the opportunity to purchase it at a later date without the discount of course, but I really don’t care I just want the dvd’s. I’m just starting the STS dvds ( Mon. Nov. 16)., so this will go well with this program.( hand in hand). Im soooo excited, please keep me posted when the HIIT dvds are available, i need these for my off days.

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