September 2009 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
Setember 2009
Setember 2009

Hi Everyone! This month we are doing split workouts for weights! We’ll do 4 day splits (2 upper 2 lower). Remember, your results are enhanced by your nutrition so eat clean, sleep hard, get your water and take your vitamins too!

Mon: Gym Style Legs
Tues: Gym Style: Chest and Triceps plus 20 minute run
Wed: Abs of choice plus either stretch workout or 60 min cardio workout of choice
Thurs: STS Plyo Legs plus Core Max segment one
Fri: Gym Style: Back, Shoulders, Biceps plus light 20 minute run
Sat: Step Max
Sun: Off

Mon: Pure Strength Legs and Abs
Tues: PS Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Wed: Either a stretch workout or 60 min cardio workout of choice
Thurs: Leaner Legs
Fri: PS Back Biceps and Abs
Sat: Imax 2
Sun: Off

Mon: Pyramid Upper Body plus Low Impact Step (step portion only)
Tues: Pyramid Lower Body
Wed: Abs of choice plus a 60 min cardio workout of choice
Thurs: Pyramid Upper Body plus 20 minute interval run
Fri: Pyramid Lower Body
Sat: Kick Punch and Crunch
Sun: Off

Mon: 4DS…KickBox/ Legs core
Tues: 4DS High Intensity Step/ Chest/ Back
Wed: stretch workout or cardio workout of choice
Thurs: OFF
Fri: 4DS Low Impact Step (cardio only) and Butts and Guts
Sat: 4DS Boot Camp Cardio BI’s Tris (plus add on SHOULDERS ONLY from 4DS Low Impact Step)
Sun: Off

One thought on “September 2009 Rotation

  1. Hi Kathe,

    I am new to your site and have heard great things, so I’m excited to try your workouts. I love the variety you provide in the workout plan above, constantly keeping your body guessing. My question is, what does this workout target or what is its goal? For example, is it for weight loss? strength building? What kind of target audience would you suggest this for?

    Thanks so much!

    Amanda Russell

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