Pre-Order Cathe’s New XTRAIN Workout Series

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2012)

Pre-Order Cathe’s New XTRAIN Workout Series

The Pre-Sale has now started for Cathe’s new XTRAIN DVDs and/or downloads that have an estimated ship date of late Fall or early Winter. And Don’t Forget!…You can also get free shipping on all of our current in stock DVDs (including our newest: CrossFire and To The Max) and most of our lighter fitness equipment like Firewalkers, Slide N Glide discs and bands when you pre-order XTRAIN.

With our XTRAIN pre-sale we’re offering Double Free Shipping which means if you order any of our other in stock DVDs and/or qualified fitness equipment along with your XTRAIN preorder, we will ship your current in stock items now worldwide for FREE. When XTRAIN is available it will ship for FREE too! Don’t forget to use the discount coupons shown below on any of our current in stock DVDs and fitness products | Order Now |

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19 thoughts on “Pre-Order Cathe’s New XTRAIN Workout Series

  1. Hi Cathe! Can you give us an idea of what workout equipment will be used for the XTrain series so we can also order any equipment that we may be lacking and take advantage of the Free Shipping!!!

  2. I was wondering if you guys had an end date you could pre-order the Series before you stop taking orders for the special price your running now? I have looked on the ads so far and haven’t seen one.

  3. It won’t work for me either. My card keeps getting declined and I know my card limit is fine. PayPal won’t work either. Very frustrating!

  4. Thanks for your reply! If I order the online version am I getting exactly the same thing as in the DVD?

  5. We really won’t be able to answer either of your questions until after the videos have been filmed and edited. But we have designed the XTRAIN workouts to be time efficient and to use minimal equipment, like: dumbbells, step, slide n glide discs, bands

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