Pistachios: the Perfect Snack

Pistachios: the Perfect SnackCommonly eaten as far back as 6700 B.C., pistachios first grew in the ancient regions of Persia where their cultivation spread to other regions of the Middle East like Syria and Lebanon. Frankly, if they were good enough for elite peoples who ordered the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the building of the celebrated city of Damascus, they’re certainly ok to have on hand at the office or when traveling by car or plane. In fact, health experts rank them highly as nutritious snacks that offer many benefits for optimum health and fitness.

Today, Iran, Turkey, and the U.S. are major producers of pistachios. People readily enjoy pistachio kernels fresh or even roasted. Pistachios are also used to make ice cream and butter. The nuts are known for their singular flavor and light green color. A relative of both cashews and mangos, pistachios have a long culinary history and they continue to be eaten around the globe.

Health-conscious individuals are finding that pistachios make a convenient snack and are a good alternative to more fattening snack choices. Like other nuts, pistachios have a reputation for promoting heart health. Eating pistachios have been found to elevate plasma levels of healthy carotenes like lutein. Pistachios provide antioxidant protection, healthy fats, and phytosterols. Their natural goodness complements any diet. Their high fiber and low-calorie count makes them preferable to many other kinds of snacks. In fact, a single serving is filled with a wide array of needed vitamins and minerals—especially copper and manganese.

There are many ways to incorporate pistachios and their health benefits into a diet. Grocery stores carry them fresh and prepackaged. Eating them fresh or without salt is especially healthy. Enjoy them before or after a workout or as an afternoon snack break at work. The best way to keep pistachios on hand it to store them in an airtight container where they aren’t as likely to stale quickly. Many pistachio lovers store their airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer to safeguard freshness. Because pistachios are so perfectly portable, they can easily be enjoyed anywhere and at any time!

Naturally cholesterol free and filled with nutrients, pistachios support heart health as well as other aspects of a healthy body. They have no trans-fat, so they beat out many other convenient snack options that aren’t healthy for the body. Add them to your lunch each day and benefit from their extraordinary array of nutrients and enjoy their great taste!


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