Pictures of Cathe as an infant and Child

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2009)

the_life_of_cathe We thought it would be kind of fun to let you see what Cathe looked like during her early years.

Top Left:
Cathe about 6 months old in her Dirndl (A traditional German dress)

Middle Left:
Cathe (left) with her older sister at a carnival in Nova Scotia.
Bottom Left:
Proof positive that Cathe invented weightlifting. Dumbbells weren’t invented yet, so Cathe had to use fruit.

Top Right:
Cathe and her Mom are on the far right with some friends on the left. The picture with NYC in the background was taken shortly after Cathe’s family arrived in America.
Middle Right:
Cathe and her older sister Liz.
Bottom Right:
Cathe’s sister, aunt Rosie and very geeky looking Cathe on the far right. Picture is in a building in Germany.

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