Party Rockin Step Workout Video

Party Rockin Step Workout Video

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2013)

Party Rockin Step Workout Video

Our new Party Rockin DVD comes with a main dancy step workout, plus another bonus step aerobic workout for those of you that prefer a less dancy routine. So you get two fun and challenging step workouts! Here is what you can expect in our new Party Rockin Step Dancy workout!

Party Rockin’ Step… Just the name alone says it all so get ready to turn up the fun and sweat a ton while you double up, triple down, and move it all around. No matter how you slice it you’re working hard and having so much fun doing it, especially with our new party rockin soundtrack that is loaded with great tunes.

So let me share the breakdown with you. You’ll first warm up with some dance inspired footwork and then we’ll go into 6 party rocking combo’s. Each combo is sprinkled with dancier movement patterns along with new sizzled up versions to steps you may have done with me before. Also, on most of the combo’s I’ll be building the footwork up from a less intricate base pattern so you can choose whichever version you like.

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