Order Cathe’s Strong & Sweaty Series

Order Cathe’s Strong & Sweaty Series

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Arrrre you ready?!  I’m super excited to announce the details of my brand new workouts- The Strong & Sweaty Series! The name says it all!  The workouts in this series will challenge your endurance and your strength with exciting new cardio drills and ramped up lifting techniques!  The cardio routines are a non-stop sweat fest and even the strength routines will drive the heart rate up and leave you soaked!  It’s time again to strap on your game faces and hit it with all you’ve got!  I’ll ask again… arrrrre you ready?!  I KNOW you are! So, here are some more of the sweaty details! | Order Now | FAQ | *Now In Stock

The Strong & Sweaty 5 DVD Series

  • PHA Training– One form of training you might not be familiar is called PHA or peripheral heart action training. There’ s no time for down time and in this workout we prove just that! We waste no time in this routine as the lower body gets to rest while the upper body works and vice versa. Each muscle group gets its chance to push hard, recover and then push hard again and the results will speak for themselves! The goal of peripheral heart action training is to maximize the amount of blood that circulates to your upper and lower body as you complete a sequence of resistance exercises. With PHA training, you alternate between upper and lower body resistance training exercises, allowing as little rest as possible between each movement. The lack of rest and recovery keeps your heart rate up, for cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits, while switching between upper and lower body exercises, maximizes blood flow to all parts of your body and reduces build-up of lactic acid. By reducing lactic acid, you’re able to train hard without being forced to stop due to the burn.
  • Total Body Giant Sets– This workout will utilize giant sets to fatigue every muscle group while rep pattern and weight variations keep your heart pumping and your body firing!  Each giant set will focus on a particular set of muscles and will push to failure before moving on to the next combination of exercises. Giant sets are an amazing technique to add variation to your workout schedule and in this routine we will show those giant sets whose boss!
  • BootCamp: You Can Do Anything for a Minute–  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!  You CAN do anything for a minute!  This workout consists of 6 rounds of one minute cardio, upper body, lower body and core segments. Variation in equipment and exercise selection will give this format a fresh new twist and will leave no muscle untouched and no calorie uncrushed!
  • Cardio Slam– Can’t decide what type of cardio you want to do today?  Then this workout is for you!  Prepare yourself for an intense mix of high impact, low impact and blasts both on and off the step!  Have your water handy… or perhaps even two! It’s time to sweat and SLAM!
  • Ramped Up Upper Body– It’s time to chisel some muscles!  This workout will combine slow and heavy reps with light high reps to keep the muscles confused and working at maximum capacity. By combing the best of the two techniques your muscles will feel loaded even when it’s time for lighter weights. Let’s ramp up the reps, ramp up the burn and ramp up your results!

Bonus 6th DVD:

  • Cycle Sweat– Another soaker to add to you indoor cycle collection! We’re back on the bikes and ready for action with new speed drills, climbs and jumps!  Strap or snap into those pedals! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!



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*** Estimated to ship Late Fall 2016

26 thoughts on “Order Cathe’s Strong & Sweaty Series

  1. I think once the pre-order is available there will more information as to the length of the DVDs and what equipment is needed.

  2. it would be nice to see what weights the Crew are using and not just Cathe’s. Her weight is something to shoot for but many times I must use lesser weights and I always feel inadequate to the challenge, although what I’m lifting at the time IS a challenge to me

  3. REALLY hoping this is low impact. Or, at least, I hope there is a member of the crew demonstrating low impact options throughout. At 49, my heart and mind are willing, but my hips, knees and feet are not happy with jumping and running anymore. Since I want to be working out until I am 90, I park my ego at the door and keep my toes on the ground. Fingers crossed.

  4. Yes, more details please! At going on 60 my doctor told me to modify!! I don’t want to but unfortunately my body is turning on me!

  5. I’m super excited and have been watching every time I see your newsletter for a new series! Thanks so much!

  6. There is just not enough info given for me to decide if I want to order these workouts. I still have a lot of questions before I decide like…..

    How long are the workouts going to be?
    What kind of premixes will the workouts have if any?
    What kind of equipment will be used in the workouts?
    What level will the workouts be?

  7. EEEEEK!! A new Cathe series … it is bound to be great. I’m so excited ! The prices for pre-order are fantastic. I’m starting to wish I had am indoor bike for these cycle workouts. I predict these will be good hard workouts. I like any Cathe- intermediate, advanced…. I use ’em all.

  8. I can tell you the workouts will be advanced, but as for the kind of premixes, video length,exact equipment used etc, you will have to wait until after the videos have been filmed and edited for these answers.Hence, if these details are important to you it is best to wait until after the DVDs have been filmed and edited before ordering. We always paint our pre-sale descriptions with a broad brush as things can change between now and filming.

  9. You had me from the start of it all! PHA, Giant Sets, Boot Camp, Cardio Slam, and Ramped Upper Body, and why not just go ahead and throw in another spin workout 🙂 What more could I ask for?! After all, I can always modify anything if necessary because some days are just harder than others. THANK YOU CATHE!

  10. Thanks for the answers Cathe! What about a low-impact modifier in the workouts? I see from the comments this is something a few of us are interested in. 🙂

  11. As always I feel so fortunate to have Cathe and the crew giving us more options! (As if I don’t have enough from them already!) I need no details ’cause you had me at new workouts and I always can trust Cathe’s dvds to be the best in the business. Just a note, I find that knowing Cathe’s weight is just perfect since I’ve done her workouts for sometime now and can gauge mine accordingly. I know by now how my ability compares to hers (my triceps and pecs aren’t quite as strong but my legs are just as good and sometimes better). Thank you in advance and I can’t wait for all the teasers and previews.

  12. Preordered!! Thanks so much for your quality videos. As for the people looking for modifiers during these videos, I love that that there aren’t any…it is inspirational to me, not frustrating. I consider myself to be an advanced level, but there are certain days that I just can’t do burpees…I know this so I have my own moves that I do to keep me moving during these parts. You don’t have to do everything exactly like Cathe and and her amazing crew does…go at your own pace and own your workouts. It is a daily thing ; )

  13. I pre-ordered, and was happy to also order some new Cathe resistance band without paying shipping costs…….those things are strong, but they will lose a battle with the wheels of an office chair 🙁

    And April, I hear you…..I’m up there in years but I don’t skip workouts that have hard parts – I just do what I can….no shame in that. For example, if I am not up to doing that many burpees, I will alternate a burpee with jumping jacks.

  14. Well I pre-ordered a while ago and I am SUPER excited for this program to arrive!! I don’t need to see the exact details to know any program from Cathe will not disappoint!! I too can always modify if needed and then work my way up to the advanced level. Thank you SO much, Cathe, for showing us all how strong we can be, not just in our 20’s or 30’s but all the way throughout life! You are truly an inspiration!!!

  15. I’m probably the only person NOT on Facebook. I used to be. I know that is how you communicate mostly about status of our Strong and Sweaty pre-orders. So I’m dying to know estimated ship date? I can barely wait any longer!

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