Not a Lot of Equipment is Needed for Total Body Tri – Sets

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2011)

trisets600px-7821Amanda starting to do a Dixie Cup forward Lunge with a joint friendlier forward lean in Total Body Tri – Sets.

We’ve kept the equipment demands rather light for this workout: We used dumbbells (5 to 25lbs), Stability Ball, Dixie Cups and a High Step (the High Step is only really used   for an elevated lunge and as a safety net when doing wall squats. So you can easily do this workout without this piece of equipment).

We will be showing new pictures from our Low Impact series almost everyday, so keep checking back!

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One thought on “Not a Lot of Equipment is Needed for Total Body Tri – Sets

  1. Looking good, Amanda! I can see why Cathe nicknamed you “Ab-manda” – your abs are insane!! How cool that you are now a bonafide part of the crew!!!

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