New Workouts – Video Clips

Special Presale Pricing Ends October 15th

To view extended video clips of each of Cathe’s  four new workouts just click on the “Green Play” button located at the bottom of each video covers you see below.

This is our first presale where you can order your new workouts on DVD and/or as Digital Downloads. If you order our combo DVD & Digital Download Bundle you will not only save money, but also get free shipping* on your DVDs (USA Customers Only).

Since this is a presale, discount coupons may not be used towards presale items. However, we’re offering a 10% discount (use coupon code DVD10) for any of our currently in stock DVDs that you wish to add to your presale order. Just enter coupon Code DVD10 to receive your discount on any existing DVDs you also order (order 4 or more current DVDs and get 20% off automatically – no coupon needed). See information and coupons located below to learn more.


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7 thoughts on “New Workouts – Video Clips

  1. When I try to watch the intensity clip, I get a message that it is a private video. The others look great!

  2. Question regarding the INTENSITY new DVD: what will be the length of the low impact chapter? Is that a full workout?

  3. Hi, this is Jesse. I came down to take your class in New Jersey in August from New York. I remember you told me that there was going to be two new soundtracks from the 4 new DVDs but when I watch your video clips there were 4 different kinds of soundtracks. How I can buy those soundtracks from the 4 new DVDs? Thank you so much.

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