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I have not been maintaining a healthy weight, partly because of work. In addition, I gained 50 pounds with my first child, and had a hard time losing it because it was I wanted to hold my baby instead of working out! Each year during tax season, I gain, up to 15 pounds! Then I lose it. Sometimes, mostly. Maybe.

I gradually lost the 50 pounds gained during my pregnancy by doing some exercise videos at home, volleyball, and step aeroboics. Last year I stopped the gain/lose cycle and bought some new excercise programs, including Cathe’s STS series. I have almost all of her DVDs. I only don’t have the ones I don’t know about. I saved time working out at home, first thing in the morning before anything else got in the way. I decided to get to a healthy weight once and for all, build some strength and get in the best shape ever!


I’ve always been somewhat active. I love sports and fitness, but did not seem to have the time for it. (And I love food.) Decided to build some strength for volleyball and I wanted to look good when I taught step aerobics each week. I had never done strength trianing so I dusted off the weights, bought more, and got busy. Within the first month of serious strength training I saw a 4 pack. Me! A 4 pack!

Since starting my daily exercise routine, I have lost a total of 70 pounds (including the 50 gained during pregnancy) and am back to my wedding and high school weight. I am wearing a size 8. The smallest I’ve ever worn is a size 12, so the muscle is definitely adding weight, but not size. (I am 5’5″.) When I stop running, my whole body stops. (The flab doesn’t keep going like it did in the past). Cheers to Cathe! Keep the great workouts coming!

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