My Fitness Journey – by Ann Marie

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2010)

I began to watch Denise Austin on life time, and then Gilad on fit tv. I Felt that I had quickly outgrew the challenges of these workouts. I remember tuning into fit tv, and coming across power hour with Cathe Friedrich. I only had a set of five, and eight pound dumbells. But, boy was that enough for me. I was so impressed with the workouts, and the demeanor of this beautiful, incredibily fit instructor. After the workout, I pressed guide to see when Cathe would be on again. I knew that my fitness journey had begun. I loved Cathe’s spirit, her body, and her crew! I admired all of them, and couldn’t get enough.

The next day, I went to Dick’s, and bought a set of weights, three pounds, up to fifteen pounds. They even came in a case that I could roll under the bed! It was, by far, other that purchasing Cathe’ s workouts, one of the best investments I have ever made. I bought the weights, started working out with Cathe, and never looked back. Would you believe that it took about two months to figure out that Cathe had a website! I was never technically savvy!

My first purchase was the Body Blast, push and pull. I was so impressed that I ordered the rest of the series, the intensity series, and my beloved power hour,and slow and heavy. By then, Cathe started her preordering for the Hardcore series, and I jumped right in. Since then, I have preordered everything else Cathe had produced.other-100_1355

Working out with Cathe has changed me in ways I never thought possible. I have become more fit, have a better outlook towards my body, and my life. Fitness is a journey, it never stops. My goals are constanly changing, first, it was to be able to get through some of the workouts, with my five and eight pounds weights. Now, it is to do every workout to the best of my ability, and go as heavy as I can. Cathe, and her crew motivate me, to be the best I can be. I love all of her cast! Cedie’s smile keeps me going, Brenda, Lorraine, and Jai are awesome. I love Rob, Mark, and all the new cast members in STS.

My new goal is to complete a STS rotation with the STS shock cardio! I am so looking forward to this, as I have just purchased the STS Tower right before Christmas, and I have coming, the Troy lite barbell! I did complete the STS last year, but I only had dumbells, so I can’t wait to see the results I get. When you feel good about yourself, and become fit, the rest of your life becomes enriched. My fitness journey will continue onward, and I know Cathe will be at my side.

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