Low Impact Series and STS Combined Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)


This one month program is the ultimate shock training combination, and when coupled with an overall very clean diet, will give you amazing results.
Some highlights of this rotation: No Boredom/Endless Variety, Plateau Buster, Metabolic Enhancing (afterburn) Effects, Cross Training Benefits, Exceptional Deep Core Development, Functional Training and Classic Weight Lifting Benefits, Better Posture Awareness, and a Joint Friendlier Approach with No Impact (with the exception of Plyo Legs unless the Squat Rack Leg program is used in its place).
Ready, Set…………. Go!!!!!



Mon… Slide and Glide (cardio Segment only) PLUS STS Disc 1 (Chest/Sh/Bi)

Tues….Low Impact Challenge

Wed…. STS Disc 3 (Legs) PLUS Low Impact challenge (cardio blast only)

Thurs…. STS Disc #2 Back and Triceps

Fri….. OFF

Sat….Athletic Training

Sun….Ab Circuits (Yoga based abs) PLUS Yoga Max



Mon…STS Disc 13 (Chest/Sh/Tri) PLUS Ab Circuits (No Equipment Abs)

Tues….STS Disc 14 (Legs) Plus first 25 minutes of Athletic Training

Wed….STS Disc 15 (Back/Bi)


Fri…..Slide and Glide


Sun….Yoga Relax



Mon… First 25 minutes of Athletic Training PLUS STS Disc 25 (Chest and Back)

Tues….STS Disc 26 (Plyo Legs) -OR- Disc 38 if prefer no high impact (Squat Rack) PLUS Ab Circuits (Pilates based)

Wed…. OFF

Thurs…. STS Disc 27 (Sh/Bi/Tri) PLUS Low Impact challenge (cardio blast only)

Fri…..Turbo Barre

Sat….Yoga Max

Sun….Cardio Supersets



Mon…Low Impact Challenge (or Cycle Max if you have it)

Tues…. STS Meso One Disc 4 (Chest/Sh/Bi)

Wed…. STS Meso Two Disc 17 (Legs) Plus first 25 minutes of Athletic Training

Thurs….Yoga Relax

Fri…..STS Meso Three Disc 25 (Chest & Back)


Sun…. Slide and Glide (cardio Segment only) PLUS STS Meso Three Disc 30 (Sh/Bi/Tri)

3 thoughts on “Low Impact Series and STS Combined Rotation

  1. I thought one had to follow the full 4 weeks of each Mesocycle before moving to the next one, but here I see we jump from Meso 1 to 2 to 3 after one week. Can you explain ? Many thanks.

  2. The main STS program follows what is known as a linear periodization plan, but this is not the only way the STS workouts can be used. Another method of periodization, called undulating periodization doesn’t follow a linear structured path. Instead, you constantly change your workouts everyday and over time to constantly challenge your muscles and to always keep them guessing. We chose Linear periodization in the main STS program because we felt it was the best method for introducing this type of a workout program, but there are other ways you can use your STS workouts.

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