Low Impact Circuit Premixes

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2009)

We’re planning on having around 3 to 4 premixes for each workout and we would like your input and help in choosing and designing the Premixes. We already have several ideas of our own for the premixes, but would like to hear your input too. We’ve listed the chapter points from Low Impact Circuit in our Video & DVD Questions and Comments Forum. With a premix you can change the order of the chapters points, eliminate chapter points or double up on chapter points. We’ve even filmed a 4th bonus step combo and blast just for the premixes for this workout.Please keep in mind that you can only use bonus and video footage from the Low Impact Circuit workout for premixes on this DVD. Please only post your suggestions for the Low Impact Circuit premixes on this thread. We will have other threads for the premixes for the other DVDs.

Cardio Blast
(about 51 min)

Warm Up…about 8 min

Combo 1 (about 7 min)

Blast 1 (about 3 min)

Combo 2 (about 5 min)

Blast 2 (about 3 min)

Combo 3 (about 5 min)

Blast 3 (about 3 min)

Bonus Combo 4 (about 7 min)

Bonus Blast 4 (about 3 min)

Insert card to say: Pause your player and do light movement for three minutes to let your body cool down before doing the stretch.

Stretch: (about 7 min)

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