Low Impact Circuit Premixes

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2009)

low-impact-circuit-068Happy Sunday All! The picture you see today is from Low Impact Circuit. We are doing straddle push ups (our legs are straddling the step) which is a nice way to place emphasis on the triceps during the push ups. These are tough and you need to pay attention to form (as always). Be sure to keep your core engaged throughout the exercise so that your back stays strong and doesn’t dip into a banana shape, especially when fatigue sets in .

Here are the premixes of Low Impact Circuit

Premix #1 Cardio Blast Timesaver

Premix # 2 Lower Body Circuit

Premix # 3 Upper Body Circuit

Premix # 4 Upper Body Sculpt

Premix # 5 Total Body Sculpt

And finally, we have “BLAST OFF”…a premix add on (meaning it is ready to add on to any workout for that “icing on the cake” effect )


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