Low Impact Challenge Step Workout

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2011)

This highly contagious ALL STEP workout will have you tapping your toes from the warm up straight through to the cool down. It features a high energy rocking soundtrack along with super fun choreography that keeps the impact low, but the fun factor and intensity WAY high!! You’ll love its dancy flow and also how just putting slightly varied twists on familiar choreography gives it a completely new feeling. Not into dancy choreography??? Not a problem!!! I’ve included a bonus step circuit segment thats all about endurance and athleticism and has nothing to do with mambos & cha chas. So you see there is something for everyone! Oh and did I forget to mention that this joint friendly workout burns major calories and body fat too? What more could you ask for in a workout?

The time breakdown for the Low Impact Challenge step workout is:
Total time 50:24 (Warm-up 7:33,Step 22:06, All Combos 7:04, Blast 10:28, Stretch 3:10)

We’ve also included a 22 min circuit step routine that are included with the premixes for this workout.

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13 thoughts on “Low Impact Challenge Step Workout

  1. Looks like we will be having fun while burning major calories!! Gotta love it!! Thanks Cathe and crew.

  2. “We’ve also included a 22 min circuit step routine that are included with the premixes for this workout.” Is this added on to the download or is it simply a premix? I’d love to have this, but am not buying the DVD.

  3. This looks fun!!! I see a few familiar moves, but mostly new and different combos. Exciting! And I love how everyone is “sparkling” at the end! NICE!

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