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LITE Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Q: When will the pre-sale videos ship?
    • A: The new videos are estimated to ship in late Fall early Winter 2018, but this is only an estimated ship date and not a guarantee.
  2.  Q: What kind of packaging will the new DVDs come in?
    •  A:  The LITE Series DVDs will come in a 7 pack single plastic case just like the ICE series. The Bonus Pyramid Pump workout will come in the same type of single plastic case that all of our single DVDs usually come in.
  3.  Q: Will the DVDs have Premixes?
    •  A: Yes all of the DVDs will have Premixes
  4.  Q: Will the Downloads contain Premixes?
    •  A: No, as always Downloads don’t contain or come with Premixes
  5.  Q: Will the DVDs contain Chapters?
    •  A: Yes, the DVDs will be thoroughly chaptered.  Though it is too early in the process to say for sure in most cases each exercise will have it’s own chapter.
  6.  Q:  When will I be charged for my Pre-Sale order?
    • A: All pre-sale orders are charged when your order is placed.
  7.  Q: Is there a charge for Shipping?
    •  A: No, as always as long as your order totals $50 or more we ship worldwide for Free. 
  8.  Q: How will my order ship?
    •  A: In most cases our Free ship orders will be shipped by USPS. Most USA customers will receive their orders in about 3 days after there orders ship while International customers can expect their orders to take between 7 to 30 days.
  9.  Q: When will the new workouts be available on Cathe OnDemand?
    •  A: As always new workouts are made available on our Cathe OnDemand network shortly after the DVDs begin shipping.
  10.  Q: Will there be a modifier?
    •  A:The LITE series is a low impact series that will have super fun and effective workouts. Since the workouts in this series are low impact, impact modifications will not be necessary.  I plan to casually show modifications if/when I select a move that most participants would benefit from by having a modified option demonstrated. I wish I could go into further detail for you right now but the series is just not far enough into the “polishing” phase for me to have a more defined answer for you.
  11.  Q: What equipment is needed for the new workouts?
    •  A:The equipment in the LITE Series will be that of the typical pieces of equipment I have always used in the past.  Nobody needs to buy new equipment to enjoy this series.  Since we are offering a variety of workouts I like to use various pieces of equipment to keep each workout fresh, exciting and effective.  Therefore you may expect to see a full sized step, a barbell, various weighted dumbbells, a fire walker loop, resistance bands, paper plate or gliding product & a stability ball.  Each workout will have its own signature feel by using a couple of pieces of equipment to get that sizzle just right!
  12.  Q: When will video clips of the new workouts be available?
    •  A: Video clips of the new workouts will not be available until after the workouts have been filmed and edited. This means that video clips will not be posted until probably sometime in late Fall.
  13.  Q: Can I cancel my pre-sale order?
    •  A: Yes, if you pre-order and then decide to cancel we will refund your money as long as you do so at least 7 days before the DVDs begin shipping. However, we only allow one cancel per customer. This means if you cancel and then at a later date reorder you will not be allowed to cancel again.
  14.  Q: Can I use your discount coupons on my pre-sale order?
    •  A: You can’t use our discount coupons on Pre-Sale items, but you can use them on any current DVDs or fitness products you also order with your pre-order.
  15.  Q: If I order any of your current in stock DVDs with my pre-sale order when will they ship?
    •  A: If you order any of our other in-stock DVDs with your pre-order, we will ship your current in-stock DVDs worldwide for FREE now. When your pre-order DVDs are available in  late Fall/Early Winter, they too will ship for FREE Worldwide!
  16. Q: How Do I claim my Downloads?
    • A: When you pre-order our downloads you will receive a “code” via email that you will need to use to claim downloads once they’re available, so make sure to save the email you automatically receive from us shortly after placing your pre-sale order.
  17. Q: How long are the new workouts?
    • A: Until the workouts have been filmed and edited we will not be able provide this information to you, however all LITE workouts will be as time efficient as possible and probably less than 45 mins. As always Our Premixes will provide various time options for those who want shorter or longer workouts.
  18.  Q: Will the new workouts have a vocals only option?
    •  A: Yes the new workouts will have a vocals only option which allows you to use  your own music if you prefer.
  19. Q: Where can I find descriptions of the new Workouts?
    •  A:  Go to our main new video launch page at New Videos and click on the product images about halfway down the page to see the workout descriptions.
  20. Q: What fitness level are the LITE workouts geared towards
    • The LITE series are geared towards intermediate exercisers with cardio blast options for advanced exercisers.
  21.  Q: What exactly is the optional “Pyramid Pump Bonus DVD”
    • A: This bonus full body workout utilizes the full pyramid system as well as super sets to maximize your exercise potential in the shortest amount of time possible. This workout is available as short individual muscle group “Pyramid Pump Bonuses” featured on all of the LITE DVDs (one muscle group per DVD)  included with the LITE Discount DVD Bundle and our Downloads too. However, if you would like to have all of the Pyramid muscle groups combined on a single DVD as a full body workout then make sure to purchase the Bonus “Pyramid Pump” workout DVD available for only an additional $9.99. The “Bonus Pyramid Pump” DVD will be thoroughly chaptered and have “Premixes” for Upper Body and Lower Body Workouts as well as other options.
  22.  Q: How can I pre-order?

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