Last Chance to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

Last Chance to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

Last Chance To Pre-Order a Fit Tower

Hi Everyone! I have GREAT news to share!  I will be filming THREE NEW ADVANCED Fit Tower™ DVDs.! Yes, you heard right…three of them!!!  Our Fit Tower™ team got together and discussed the details and have decided to produce three new advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs early next year (tentative release date Spring of 2017). These new workouts, Fit Tower™ Bootcamp, Fit Tower™ Total Body and Fit Tower™ Core Fusion (Pilates, yoga and core focus) will be totally geared towards Cathletes and advanced exercisers and will be available to purchase from These workouts will fall somewhere in the 45 minute each time frame and once released will also be available for our OnDemand subscribers. Each DVD will contain features like premixes and the detailed chaptering that you are accustomed to with our workouts.

In addition to the three new DVDs, there is one more fantastic opportunity that came from our Fit Tower™ meeting.  I’m excited to tell you that the Fit Tower™ presale will be extended until September 18th.   We understand that many of you were hesitant to order the Fit Tower™ without knowing for sure that there would be more advanced Fit Tower™ workouts created by me.  A filming timeline couldn’t be finalized until after the pre-sale had already ended and therefore I feel that many of you were disappointed that you lost the opportunity to take advantage of the Fit Tower™ pre-sale pricing which was also the only release which was going to include the barbell clips (which many of you so enthusiastically wanted).   Our Fit Tower™ team has reached a unanimous decision to extend the Fit Tower™ pre-sale until September 18th or until current inventory runs out should this happen before that date. Since there are currently only 250 units left in stock I would strongly advise you get a Fit Tower™ now if you were on the fence before.  There are two things to keep in mind if you are still questioning whether to order or to wait. First, while we met our milestone projection to allow us to have another Fit Tower™ production run, the next production will not be available for several months as it takes a considerable amount of time to arrive from overseas.  The second and perhaps most important thing to keep in mind is that as I mentioned, the barbell hooks are only included in these current remaining Fit Tower™ kits.  The barbell hooks will only be available as an upgrade for an additional fee in the next Fit Tower™ production run. If you do decide you want to take advantage of ordering one of the last 250 (barbell hook included) Fit Tower™ Kits, don’t forget to use coupon code Cathe10 to save an additional 10% when ordering the Fit Tower™. To pre-order now click on the following link. |Pre-Order Now |

One final note of good news!  Since we met our first milestone projection, we’re now in a position to actively look into distribution to Canada and hopefully other countries in the near future.  I can’t promise anything yet, but it looks like at least Canada may soon be able to order the Fit Tower™.

I hope that all of this information is making you as excited as I am! I’m sure there are many questions and I will surely share more details after these workouts are in full swing! Until then, I’ll see you next workout!




*Click on the following link or the button below to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™ *Pre-Sale Ends September 18th or until stock runs out

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10 thoughts on “Last Chance to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

  1. Is the fit tower required to do the workouts or can I just use a chair or wall? If it is required, can I just order the fit tower without the videos, mat etc…
    I already ordered the advanced video on its own.
    Thank you!

  2. Looking for equipment to do pushups and tricep pull downs with resistance band or something equivalent. Would I be able to use this to do pushups at an angle? Are there dimensions and weight limits posted somewhere? I’ve been looking to buy a power tower but if I could use this I might pre-order!!

  3. Hi Cathe,

    I received my fit tower. Just wondering are you going to have more workouts to use with this tower besides the dvd that it came with?

    I hope you do!

    Sue F.

  4. Is the Fit Tower easy to store? In other words, does it offer the flexibility to minimize it’s full length size for storage capabilities?

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