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Jai Stulpinas:
I am 36 years old, married, and have two spoiled miniature dachsies, Nathan & Kashi. I met Cathe 6 years ago when I started her taking classes and getting my butt kicked by the petite powerhouse…but having sooooo much fun! I teach aerobics twice a week and work out an additional 3-4 times on my own. Whenever I hit a plateau or get bored, I like to train with a no-nonsense buddy like Lorraine so we can motivate each other… however, we always end up laughing a lot, either from our muscles burning or from seeing ourselves do a new exercise!
I try to eat whole,organic foods…lots of raw fruits & veggies, beans, soy, seafood, and eggs…I have a vegetable juicer and use it religiously. I find that as I am getting older, eating a lot of foods in their natural state just feels so much better and speeds my recovery times after workouts. I try to stay away from non-whole grains, red meat, and artificial sweeteners/preservatives, etc. But I have my weaknesses: fried calamari, cookies, and an extreme love affair with peanut butter.
Well, that’s all. See you next workout!

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