It’s the Story of Four Lovely Ladies…

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are doing well today.

Yesterday was a busy day. I started out teaching class and then headed out for the day to pick up our DVD outfits. I brought them back and met with the cast to try everything on and make sure it fit. I’m excited to share that we will be using Nike and “Oh My Bod” for these upcoming workouts. We love our outfits, especially the Oh My Bod pants and tops. They fit perfectly (except for length of course, but that’s almost always a given issue at 5’2″) and move so well with our bodies. Coolio!

Last night we also took the cast pic’s. We will load them, along with their bio’s, as the day goes. So please be sure to check back if you have not yet seen all 4 bio’s.

Tonight the cast will enjoy a recovery night and I will take advantage of the time by making cue cards and working on speeches.

Time to get the day in gear….See you tomorrow….hope you enjoy the cast bio’s.


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