How the Low Impact Series Got Me Back on My Feet by Heather


This fall, I caught a cold. It turned into a sinus infection that rapidly progressed into a nasty case of bronchitis.

From January to September, I had faithfully been using Cathe workouts including Athletic Step, Butts and Gutts, Hiit, and a variety of shock cardio workouts that included blast elements. In nine months, I lost nearly 60 pounds. I was so proud of my progress! Two years after my baby was born, I looked like me again.

Then came my bronchitis. I suddenly couldn’t perform at my normal level. The blasts left me doubled over coughing, and even light workouts and strength training were abnormally draining. During my first round of antibiotics, I took two weeks off. Just as I switched to a second, stronger medication and my health began to improve, my new low impact series arrived in the mail.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I started with yoga relax, and it felt amazing to be using my muscles again. As I transitioned back into my old self, I worked my way through the full catalog of the new set. I started with what I saw as the most gentle workouts and worked my way up to Afterburner! As with most of Cathe’s workouts, I needed to make some modifications based on my skill level (and in this case, my stamina, too), but I was delighted to know that there were tough, effective workouts that could keep me on course even when I wasn’t feeling up to something intense and high impact.

I have learned so many times in the past year that consistency is the real key to success. Thank you so much for developing a series of workouts that burn major calories and provide incredible toning without taxing my joints. My legs have never looked better.

At a recent wedding, another one of the bridesmaids pulled me aside to say: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but your calves are incredible!”

I’ll take it exactly the way that I should: as proof that I need to stick with Cathe for many workouts to come!

P.S. This picture is of me with my toddler. Boy, howdy does she love to jump!

2 thoughts on “How the Low Impact Series Got Me Back on My Feet by Heather

  1. Good for you, Heather!! I’ve been fighting 3 bouts of the flu over the last 6 weeks and still tried to keep up with my workouts in between. I just received the STS program and love it, but over the last 2 weeks I’ve had to stop working out to try to get myself healthy again. So frustrating, but I’m listening to my doctor and can’t wait to get back at it!! Here’s to an awesome 2012.

  2. Debra: I definitely needed the 2 weeks that I took for my bronchitis, so I understand how frustrated you must feel. The flu can be serious business, so I’m really glad you’re listening to your doctor and your body.

    The low impact workouts helped so much, because I was able to gradually ease myself back into a routine. When you do feel up to resuming your workouts, know that it will probably require some patience and modifications. It took me over a month to be fully back in business.

    Best of luck on your recovery. It’s going to be a great year!

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