How Laura got her groove back by Laura

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2011)

I’ve always been active and in good shape; I started as a dancer and in college I started running 3 miles a day with my roomates. In med school I continued running and discovered step aerobics (which I loved because it was similar to dancing).

In residency, the horrible hours and lack of money made a gym membership impossible, but I soon learned that without an excercise outlet, my stress level was unmanageable. I eventually discovered a popular home workout series (still popular today) that used a step and incorporated light weights. The step “routines” were simplistic and repetitive but working out at home worked well for me and I LOVED what the weights did for my body.

I stuck with that home series for the next 16 years, yet always trying every new home VHS (!) then DVD I heard of, always searching for a more exciting, fun and challenging instructor or work-out. Basically, I was bored and staying fit had become a chore which I dreaded.

In January 2008 I stumbled upon Cathe on fitTV. I watched with fascination and excitement for about 2 minutesother-img_4061before I hit “RECORD”!!! I was instantly hooked! I recorded everything “Cathe” on fitTV and would huff, puff, sweat and smile through each work-out (not fast-forwarding through commercials as I had to use that time to recover). My reward for being able to consistantly finish a work-out without pauses was to order the full-length DVD from Cathe’s website.

I continued adding fresh work-outs as I discovered things I had never tried and had never thought I was interested in; kick-boxing, boot camp, circuit-training, boxing, Hiit, heavier weight training, etc. Cathe made it ALL fun! I loved the endurance I achieved with all the cross training and how the weights defined my body. For the 1st time in my life (and after kids and C-sections) I had great abs!!

I was challenged, excited, and looking forward to working out again! How could it get any better?

It did. Last October I attended my first Road Trip. At that energetic and uplifting weekend I met so many inspiring, fabulous women (including Cathe) that I was motivated to “up the ante” once again! Those women (and a few men) encouraged me to join the forums where I can converse with like-minded Cathletes. Anytime my motivation is lagging, I get on the forums, remember the RT and I can’t help but feel a surge of energy, a need to “double-knot my laces” and get moving!

Although I have always been active and fit, at 46 I am now in the best shape of my life and loving working out again

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  1. I found Cathe on FitTV too in 2008! I’ve never done dvd workouts, never thought it could be affective or even interesting. Great story and you look awesome!

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