How Cathe Helped Me Lose Half My Body Weight

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2009)

by Shauna Reid
by Shauna Reid

At first I was scared of Cathe. Those sculpted biceps! Those chiseled quads! Those heavy barbells! How could a mere mortal like me ever do her DVDs?

I was 210 pounds when I discovered Cathe in 2006. I’d spent the previous five years slowly transforming my body from a 350 pound couch potato to a fairly fit 5K runner and Body Pump addict. I’d made huge changes in my life – but then my progress was halted by a severe knee injury. My physiotherapist banned me from high impact cardio and lower body weights. I was miserable without my exercise endorphins, and worried I’d undo my hard work and never reach my goal.

Then a friend suggested I try Cathe’s DVDs. I checked out the sample videos at My Inner Fat Girl was intimidated by Cathe and her crew – they all looked so super fit and strong! But I was charmed by Cathe’s warm and encouraging tones so I ordered the Pyramid Upper Body DVD.

My first workout was a killer. I watched Cathe’s push ups with envy – I could only do mine against the wall because even the knee ones hurt my injured joint. And the pyramid-style of weight training got my muscles screaming, despite my wee five-pound weights. As I flopped into the Cool Down stretches, I was determined to improve!

Every week I slowly upped my weights. My Cathe collection increased too – Muscle Max, Boot Camp, Kick Max, Slow and Heavy, Kick Punch Crunch and the Gym Style


series. My home gym started as a set of 5 pound dumbbells stashed under the bed but they were soon joined by 10s, 12s, 15s, 20s, a stability ball, a barbell and an enormous collection of plates.

As my upper body strength improved the inches and pounds started dropping again. I’d been worried about loose skin after such a huge weight loss, but regular Cathe workouts helped tone my arms and waist. Cathe even helped with my knee rehabilitation – the Kick Max standing leg work and the Butts & Guts floor work allowed me to rebuild my leg strength without heavy weights. Soon I was strong enough to for lower body weights. I also took up kickboxing – inspired by my love of Kick, Punch, and Crunch – and now I’m training for my blue belt.

After losing 175 lbs
After losing 175 lbs

After three years of Cathe, I still do her DVDs two or three times a week. I’m down to 175 pounds – I’ve lost half my original body weight and maintained it for two years.Training with Cathe plays a huge role in that. Not only has my body changed, Cathe boosted my confidence and my determination to fulfill my potential. I don’t listen to my Inner Fat Girl anymore – I know with patience and effort I can lift heavy and kick butt. Now when Cathe says its push up time I don’t tremble with fear – I do them on my toes along with her crew!

I’m hooked on Cathe and a true convert to the joys of working out at home. It just makes so much sense:
  • You get the best trainer in the world in your own living room
  • Cathe’s workouts can work for anyone – you don’t have to be super buff to start! You can modify the workouts to suit your ability and/or any injuries
  • There’s no more commuting to the gym – so much time saved!
  • You can lurk on the Cathe forums for training tips & inspiration
  • There’s no excuse to skip workouts on rainy days – and we get a lot of those in Scotland!
  • You can work out in my pajamas – nobody will ever know!

Shauna Reid is an Australian lass living in Scotland. She is the author of the memoir The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and blogs at

9 thoughts on “How Cathe Helped Me Lose Half My Body Weight

  1. You have developed into one cute girl! Congratulations – you look very happy!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. This is such a beautiful, inspirational story! Thank you to Shauna for writing about her great and challenging experience, and to the web site folks for posting it.

    But – could someone *pretty please* fix the last line, which currently reads, “You can work out in my pajamas – nobody will ever know!” ???

  3. your story is so inspirational.I relate to it.I went from 120 kg to 74 kg.I have maintained the current wait for about three years.I have lost more inches in last three years.I want more challenge i want to loose 15 pound and i will be extremelly happy.
    My concern is the loose skin…I still have the most annoying hanging at my mid back.Please let me know what i can do about it.i do not want to consider surgery.


  4. I’ve mild osteo-arthritis of the knee. I know doctors are gonna tell me no squats. But from reading your story reference you knee problem, there seems to be hope in Cathe’s kickboxing routine.. Thnx for sharing..-Mitchie

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