Higher Intensity Step PLUS Back and Chest

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2009)

I’m so excited about this workout. It’s a ton of fun and packed new and unique choreography. In fact, even the warm up is LOADED with step moves. I was careful, however, to make the warm up a fresh mix of familiar content so that you can move freely while raising your body’s core temperature verses trying to figure out new choreography.

After the warm up comes the Higher Intensity Step workout. You will do three very fun and uniquely different step combinations followed by three high energy blasts to elevate the heart rate to a higher level. Combo one features a fun pendulum move along with a boxers shuffle concept. Combo two features a new twist on a ricochet along with a big scoop/little skuddle move. Combo three is definitely one you will need to preview before you dive in. It features a neat mambo spin over the step, a unique hitch kick on the step, along with stomps, a shuffle and pivot. Lot’s going on there, but you’re up for the challenge right?

All three power blasts are packed with moves and even drizzled with a few familiar ones so that you can go for it at pretty much the first try. Blast number three is our favorite. We just love how the “power leap over the step into the lunge series” feels.

After the step routine, you will briefly cool down and go right into your Superset BACK and CHEST workout. While Back and Chest require a good shot of the basics to really get the job done effectively (and in a timely manner) I have arranged the exercises in a way to keep heat in the appropriate muscles throughout the workout. The key is to go as heavy as you can with excellent form. Do not go heavier than what your good form can handle, but at the same time, do not settle for lighter weight and higher reps if you KNOW you can go heavier. In other words, if you can do a one arm row with a 30 pound (or greater) dumbbell, make the effort to do it!

We all agreed that the Push Up Around The Clock exercise was one of our favorite exercises in the entire Back and Chest workout. It will be fun to hear what your favorite is.

While a total body stretch completes this workout, there are also brief back and chest stretches offered throughout the Back and Chest workout. Enjoy!


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