Help Us Help You Receive Your Low Impact DVDs More Quickly

Help KeyWe expect to begin shipping Low Impact series Pre-Sale orders this week on or about Oct 21st (plus or minus a couple of days)  and we would like to ask everyone to help us to get you your DVDs more quickly by not contacting us once shipping begins and asking if your DVDs have shipped. We would normally be more than happy to answer questions like this, but because of the volume of pre-sale orders we have to ship it’s just not possible to do. This is because your tracking information initially is only contained in the same and only computer that prints your UPS and Postal shipping labels. This computer will be working non-stop (24/7) during the shipping process as will all of our employees. Stopping it to look up tracking information would create a huge bottleneck and would greatly slow down and even halt the pre-sale shipping process.

Our most experienced and full time employees that normally handle customer service will be instead handling the most critical elements of the shipping process as well as overseeing and supervising a lot of temporary employees. This means they will have little time to respond to customer service issues during the pre-sale shipping process and hence the need to kindly ask everyone not to contact us unless absolutely necessary. Regardless, it may take several days for customer service to get back to you, but we will do our best to help those of you with critical problems. Our plan of attack for shipping pre-sale orders is to first to devote nearly all of our resources and employees to helping ship all of the orders and then after this is done to circle back and focus on answering customer service questions.

You may receive an email from us with tracking information only if you chose UPS as your shipping method. Your tracking information will not be available until several hours after your order has shipped. UPS shipments may also be tracked with the phone number you listed with your presale order by using our Cathe Easy Track. Do not panic if you chose UPS as your shipping method and do not receive a shipping notification email. This is very common and based on past pre-sales hundreds of people probably will not receive a shipping notification email for various reasons and will still receive their DVDs just fine.

Postal service orders cannot be tracked and you will not receive a confirmation email if you selected this method of shipping. But not to worry, we have had very few problems in the past with postal orders being lost

Though this is our largest presale in our history we still plan on shipping every presale order in just a few days. We have an army of current and former employees that will be working around the clock making sure everyone’s order is processed as quickly as possible. We have spent the last month preparing every box we will need to ship every presale order and every step in the shipping process that can be done in advance has already been done. We have a year’s worth of product to ship in what we hope will only take a few days days. Cathe is even going to give you a little tour of our shipping operation and what you can expect your order to look like on YouTube.

Thanks for your cooperation, patience and understanding! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reviews on the new DVDs!

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