Low Sugar, Low Calorie Sangria

A lower calorie celebratory drink!
A lower calorie celebratory drink!


1 bottle of a red blend wine or a Rose
3 sliced oranges
1 sliced apple
2 handfuls of seedless grapes (dark seem to have a better flavor when added)
1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
12 ounces sierra mist free (or try Oogave Soda, which is sweetened with Agave)


slice the oranges and apple
add sliced oranges, apple, berries and grapes to a pitcher
pour the wine over fruit
add sierra mist or Oogave Soda
for best results, soak wine and fruit together for a few hours before adding Soda

Please note–I realize this is not necessarily a ‘healthy’ drink but it IS a healthier option. The Oogave Soda is a better alternative than the soda, if you can find it. This is not something we make or drink often, but we had a celebration (a return from Afghanistan) and I wanted to make a drink we could all enjoy, without the calories.

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