Apple Pie for Breakfast

Apple Pie for Breakfast by JenTrudel


– 1 cup of steel cut oats*
– 3 diced apples
– 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
– 1 cup apple juice (unsweetened)
– 3 cups water
– ½ tsp cinnamon (while cooking)
– ½ tsp cinnamon after cooking (optional)


Directions – Slow Cooker

For Best Results: Combine all ingredients in slow cooker and cook for 2-4 hours on high or 4-6 hours on low until it reaches the consistency that you like. Be sure to stir every hour or so.

* You can also cook longer without stirring, but you have to add more water liquid and it does come out a bit mushier. Add an extra cup of liquid for 7-8 hours in the slow cooker.

* It must be steel cut oats when cooked in the slow cooker, as regular oats get very soggy when cooked this way. You can find steel cut oats in your local grocery store (sometimes they are called “irish oats” or “pinhead oats”).
Makes 2 servings ( ½ cup per serving )

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