Getting Ready for Monday!

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2009)
shipping_peanuts Our CSR & Shipping Staff (from left to right: Ed, Nancy, Bob and Trevor)

Hi Everyone! We just heard from Sony and they expect to have our DVD’s finished by late tonight. They told us that they will be ready for pick up on Monday. You’ll be happy to know that our shipping department (pictured above) has been HARD at work doing all the prep work in anticipation of their arrival (you should have seen the shipment of packing peanuts we received for the pre-order. Outside of actually putting the DVD’s in the box, everything else is done. So come Monday, we will be in very good shape to do a huge mail out. Of course it will take several days to get all of the orders out but we feel very hopeful that at this time next week, many of you will already be experiencing some DOMS from the new workouts As always, orders will be shipped in the order they were received.

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